Types Of Agricultural Production

Types Of Agricultural Production

There are various types of agricultural production in the world. These include but are not limited to, cultivation of crops and animals, domestic production and industrial production, and transportation of raw materials and finished products. The most commonly known forms of agriculture are HORTICultURE (plants), PISSICultURE (fish), SOYCRUTURING (meat) and SANGRAPULTURE (animals). These are just the basics! There are other types that are more obscure, but are still important for the proper functioning of a healthy agriculture.

Horticulture – is basically the art of growing plants in a manner that minimizes insect damage but yet is sustainable and productive. Examples of this type of agricultural production are flower gardens, vegetable gardens, bonsai gardens, herb gardens, and ornamental plants. All forms of cultivation are considered to be part of a “cultivation” and must conform to the rules of that particular kind of agriculture.

There are two different methods used to cultivate crops, either for organic or non-organic production. The method used will depend largely on the species of crops being grown. Examples of these types of crops are, wheat, corn, and soybeans. Some examples of organic crops are, strawberries, carrots, cabbage, and tomatoes.

PISSICultURE is a very unique type of agricultural production. This is also called hydroponics. In this type of cultivation, plants are grown in a nutrient solution and do not need soil. Examples of this type of crop are, vegetables, fruits and other green leafy plants. Another important difference between hydroponics and organic cultivation is the amount of nutrients that are included in the solution. Hydroponic crops are generally smaller and produce smaller yields than their organic counterparts.

FARMING is another very common form of agricultural production and includes animal agriculture, livestock, poultry, and egg farming. The biggest difference between this type of agricultural production and conventional agricultural production is in the production method. Animal agriculture requires extensive farm management and is typically done through the use of a large number of animals.

PISSICultURE is more popularly known as an “industrial-style” form of agricultural production. It is a very efficient method of cultivating plants and animals that do not require soil and fertilizers. Examples of such crops are, alfalfa, sunflowers, and alfalfa hay. This type of agricultural production is often done to produce meat, dairy, milk, eggs, and cheese.

One last important distinction in agricultural production is the method of harvesting. Harvesting methods range from the mechanical to the hand-held varieties and may include reaping, pulling, or plucking. Hand-held harvesting involves harvesting by hand while mechanical harvesting uses tractors or other farm equipment.

Although there are many ways of producing crops in agriculture, some types of agricultural production are still used in conjunction with others. One of the most effective ways of growing crops is through the use of a hybridization method. This hybridization is the use of a cross-breed of two different types of plants or animals in order to produce crops that are more desirable or better suited to human consumption.